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           May Peace prevail in the world. May All be kind to each other. May our actions be of benefit to all sentient beings.




   These happen to be sites I have found on the web in my travels. I am sure you have seen many yourself.

As always, PLEASE use your own best judgment and intuition in deciding what is best for you. I usually recommend never doing anything you don't understand.

The best teachers and healers always make sure you have a thorough understanding at a level appropriate to your knowledge and experience so that you are an active part of what you are doing and achieve the greatest benefits. We take however long is necessary to respond to any questions thoroughly.

Thank you for including us in your journey.

If you know of any valuable web resources, please let me know and I will be glad to include a link here.

BE WELL ! !!




Directory #1

Links to Other Reiki Sites

HolisticMed Link Page

Holistic Networker


We are dedicated to being of service to all. May our actions be of benefit to all sentient beings


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