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We are a Non-Profit Organization. May our efforts be of benefit to all sentient beings.

Bodhicitta Center
for the
Encouragement of Compassion in the World

The Bodhicitta Center Story

l The Bodhicitta Center was founded to recognize and further the continuing support for the Monks of Gaden Jangtse and all Tibetan people shown by the Bodhicitta Center in a special relationship dating to the early 1980's. Tours have been supported, ceremonies and Puja's held and funds raised for the building projects now underway in India. Resettlement efforts were also undertaken in the Boston area and now there is a growing, thriving Tibetan Community carrying forward an ages old message of compassion and peace.

l There are two main goals. To increase awareness of the cause of the Tibetan people throughout Massachusetts, America and the world. And to support Compassion in all forms every day everywhere among all people. We have provided host services to many groups of touring monks and provided a restful spot very close to Boston and any necessary Public Transportation.

l Contact Us We want to hear from everyone interested in furthering the cause of Compassion in the world and are recognized as a registered Non-Profit Organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA