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           May Peace prevail in the world. May All be kind to each other. May our actions be of benefit to all sentient beings.


Training Outline

Reiki I Certification



*  During the class each participant will receive 4 separate sets of 4 attunements to each aspect of the Reiki energy for a total of 16 attunements.

* There will be a 30 minute break for a light lunch

* There will be plenty of hands-on practice and instruction

* Each trainee will become certified as an Usui-lineage Reiki I practitioner

* There will be follow up instruction and feedback over the next 3-6 months

I - Opening Meditation and Clearing:

A - Guided relaxation meditation

B -  Framing an Intention

II - Introduction (to each other):

A -Trainer introductions

B - Review Reiki I class outline

C - Participant Introductions

III - Introduction (to Reiki):

A - What Reiki is:

B - The Masters of the Usui lineage

C - Chakra overview

D - Personally begin to experience energy fields   

E - Focused visualization / biofeedback / mind-body connection   

IV - Reiki in Practice:

A - Preparation 

B - Hand positions

C - Commonly experienced results of Reiki

D - 21 day cycle

E - Self-Reiki

V - Uses of Reiki

A - Situations

B - Family/friends

C - Animals/pets/plants

D - Complementing conventional treatment

VI - Further Reiki info. (about each level)

A - Reiki II

B - Reiki III

C - Master

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We are dedicated to being of service to all. May our actions be of benefit to all sentient beings