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           May Peace prevail in the world. May All be kind to each other. May our actions be of benefit to all sentient beings.



What We Do

      ReikiBraintree™ was founded with the intention to be of service to all. We offer personalized treatment aimed at nurturing balance physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. We will train anyone who sincerely desires to be of service and assist in the healing of the planet. We offer a sliding scale and work to nurture the healing potential in all.



The bond between Reiki Master and student is a lifelong commitment to nurturing the development of each individuals’ personal healing potential.

We offer referrals in other modalities throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

We are always willing to provide information or assistance when possible.

We will respond to all.

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We offer individual treatments by appointment.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation. We are also available Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm at the Free Reiki Clinic at Open Doors Learning & Healing Center in Braintree, MA.

Call (781)843-8224 for an appointment

Intuitive Counseling services available as needed.


          ReikiBraintree™ offers a relaxing Healing Energy experience. We treat clients and train students in an atmosphere of understanding and compassion. Reiki is a universal energy, however each individual has different needs and abilities. We take the time to work with each  person’s unique qualities. We assist them in understanding and working with the Reiki energy in a manner suitable to their temperament and experience. We are able to provide gentle guidance as the Reiki student/practitioners personal evolution unfolds and they gain in ability. We assist them in dealing with issues in their lives, their clients’ lives and their experience and practice of Reiki.


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We are dedicated to being of service to all. May our actions be of benefit to all sentient beings