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           May Peace prevail in the world. May All be kind to each other. May our actions be of benefit to all sentient beings.


We are dedicated to being of service to all. May our actions be of benefit to all sentient beings

What Reiki Is

Reiki is a form of energy healing over 5,000 years old. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition kept this knowledge alive throughout the centuries but it was not widely known.







   In the 1800ís, however, a Japanese Buddhist scholar and monk, Dr. Mikao Usui   rediscovered this lost art and began to practice and refine the techniques and methods. He taught Chujiro Hayashi who taught Hawayo Takata who brought this knowledge to Hawaii and, via her students, the rest of the U.S.

        The Reiki practitioner uses meditation and visualization techniques to work with the Reiki energy and direct it wherever needed.          

    The practitioner receives an attunement from a Master which opens the body to the Reiki energy and imprints the vibration on the energy field of the student, so that it can be drawn upon at will.

   Once the student, through further instruction and practice has learned the techniques thoroughly, they may wish to advance to the next level, which involves directing the Reiki energy over distance or time. The tools and techniques of level two may be used to direct the energy to life issues including relationships, or work situations, animals, plants or anything you can imagine.

   In level three personal evolution is essential and becomes integral to the practitioners way of living. The ability to work with the energy develops and becomes more refined and the practitioner becomes more able to utilize information they receive intuitively.

    Eventually, after years of practice and training they may wish to explore the possibility of becoming an apprentice to a Master and eventually a Master-Teacher themselves.

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